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Kesar Peda Receipt

Kesar Peda Receipt

Hello guys, here we will introduce one of Indian sweet milk receipt, Kesar Peda.

First, we start off with Ingredients:

– Milk Or Mawa (khoya)
– sugar
– Cardamom powder
– Saffron
– Nutmeg powder

Then, the How to:

1.Boil the milk and start stirring from the very beginning to make thick mawa.

2.When the mawa already thickens add sugar to it.

3.When the sugar is added, the mawa will slightly loosen. Hence heat on a low flame.

4.When it has already sufficiently thick, add the cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and paste of saffron into it.

5.Mix well and allow it to cool down for a while.

6.Knead (rub) the mawa well.

7.Form peda

8.There you go, delicious Kesar Peda

please click for video

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