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arabic recipes for ramadan

Uniqueness of Arabic Recipes

Arabic recipes always synonymous with other middle eastern food. Arabic food is one type of food that is quite unique because of the cultural differences between Arabs very much with other areas. Usually the difference in culture and natural conditions of a country will affect the existing recipes. Surely this would make every country has a different recipe. In Arabic, they generally use wheat as raw material cuisine. There is also a large part of those who use rice as a basic material for the production of rice in abundance. Still, how to cook Arabic food is different from cooking shows from other areas. So far you are curious about Arabic food recipes; you can start trying some of the Arabic recipes.

 arabic recipes for ramadan 300x225 Uniqueness of Arabic Recipes

For those of you who are curious about some Arabic recipes you can make some of the recipes below. It is easy and you can make it by yourself.

arabic recipes for chicken Uniqueness of Arabic Recipes

  • Lamb Gheimeh

Lamb is one of the materials most preferred Arabic foods. Arab people love foods that contain high protein so they often cook lamb in various ways. For this recipe, there is a bit of a combination with a variety of spices that make these foods have a very delicious taste.

  • Saudi Dough With King Fish

The basic ingredients of this food are wheat. Wheat produced in Arabic so much grain stocks very much. Wheat is often used to make bread. But of course, the recipe used is very different. Typical Arabic bread tends to dry on the outside. Unlike the bread from other regions that have bread with a soft texture. The food is perfect served with fresh fish.

  • Chicken Madrouba

This is a dish with chicken base material. The recipe is similar to chicken soup; only a variety of spices used is also different. Those all are one of delicious Arabic recipes.

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