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The Most Famous Cuisine in Asia

The most famous cuisine in the world is those foods that have special characteristic. There are so many cuisines in the world that considered as the most famous cuisine. In Asia, there are some foods that have a wonderful taste and it becomes the most famous cuisine.

Every country has their special food. This is an advantage because there are many types of specials food that we can enjoy. Every country has their own special food because every country has different resources. European food is famous for its characteristic that is identical with the wine. Many European countries who cook the dishes mixed with wine. America also has its own characteristics. While Asia has a characteristic of full spices, it should be because of abundant resources.

  • Japanese Foods

most famous cuisine from japan The Most Famous Cuisine in AsiaJapanese foods are considered as one of the most famous cuisine in the world. It is unique because all the food is usually made ​​from fish or raw meat.

  • Indian Foods

most famous cuisine bali 300x226 The Most Famous Cuisine in AsiaIndian foods rich with the spices and make it the most famous cuisine. It is proven that so many Indian restaurants around the world. One of them is Bali Indian Restaurant.

  • Indonesian Foods

Indonesian food is also famous because have so many types of cuisine. bali indian restaurant has the best of most famous cuisine in the world.

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