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Quick and easy recipes

Quick Easy Recipes

Quick and easy recipes using ingredients usually are easy to obtain, such as spices, chicken meat, and the others when the cook not even require much time. If you want to make a roasted chicken would have to using spices which is used as a sauce, such as chilies, onion, garlic, tomatoes and ginger. While would roasting the chicken, add the margarine and soy sauce to make food taste delicious.

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How to cook these quick easy recipes? First mix soy sauce with margarine, and then rub the mixture over the chicken. After that prepare the grill for toasting the chicken that has been smeared ketchup and margarine. During in roasted, notice color of chicken skin, chicken should not be over cook. For sauces, it is sliced ​​into small chili, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Then mix the sauce to be gravy.

After the chicken completely roasted, and sauce has finished, your roasted chicken dish ready to eat. In addition, you can use rice for additional carbohydrates your body needs. You can invite your friends for have a little party that does not require a high cooking skill. For some people who do not want complicated cuisine, quick easy recipes like this may be the first option to be eaten.

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