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indian sweets recipes in hindi

Indian Sweets Recipes for Supper

Indian sweets recipes can be selected for you to be held at dinner. Many people think that India has a spicy food, even though there are many types of Indian food that has a varied taste. There are spicy foods, sweet foods and there are some foods that have a variety of flavors blend. Surely this will make dinner becomes more tasty. There will be a lot of dishes that are served for supper.

 indian sweets recipes in hindi 300x300 Indian Sweets Recipes for Supper

For those of you who want to make Indian sweets recipes for dinner, there are a few recipes to try so that you will get a menu that is tasty and filling.

Indian sweets recipes Indian Sweets Recipes for Supper

  • Sagoo Mong Dal

It is sweet sago porridge. There are various other mixtures such as sugar, cinnamon and bread crumbs that will arouses you get soft sweet foods and melted in the mouth.

  • Stuffed Kala Jamun

It is a good food for the opening menu. You will get a delicious cake mix and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Of course you will enjoy a very tasty menu.

  • Pala Chiroti

It is a blend of sweet foods and delicious chiroti. Moreover, it is coupled with nutmeg that makes sense slightly different from other Indian sweets recipes.

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