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healthy eating recipes

Healthy Eating Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy eating recipes is perfect if you’re doing the pattern of weight loss, one of the forms are processed from wheat bread. Broccoli omelette dish as a complement of bread wheat is very easy to make. Just take time (a maximum of) 15 minutes to preparing these healthy meal. Spices used are very easy, namely egg, salt, broccoli that has been boiled and diced, and whole grain breads.

healthy eating recipes for two Healthy Eating Recipes for Weight Loss

How to cook healthy eating recipes is very easy, whisk the eggs and salt and other spices that can arouse your appetite, and then enter boiled broccoli into beaten egg. Do not use oil for frying, because the fat content in the inside oil very much. just use margarine less fat content. When fry using medium heat, point to maintain the condition of your eggs to prevent overcook. If it is lightly browned on both sides, then you are ready to serve dishes.

healthy eating recipes Healthy Eating Recipes for Weight Loss

For the presentation you can piled up eggs in the inside the bread, or placed beside the bread, it was adjusts to your taste. Chili sauce or mayonnaise can be selected as a sauce. This healthy eating recipes meal is perfect paired with drinking milk, so that your breakfast make this an extra spirit.

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