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good dinner recipes for 2

Good Dinner Recipes

Either beef or chicken steak may be a good choice for Good dinner recipes that you do with your partner. The main ingredient that beef which has been cut enough for two servings, then black pepper that has been pounded, salt, pepper, and chilies powder. For the sauce provide liquid milk, barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, a little flour, nutmeg powder, butter, and some other flavoring powder.

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Good dinner recipes like this one should be careful in making the sauce, first heat the butter, barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, liquid milk until well blended. Then pour the flour and other powdered seasoning, stir until boiling and thickened. Use a small cooking fire in order to not over-cook. For the meat, pour a mixture of salt, pepper, black pepper powder, and chilies powder over the surface of the meat. Rub a little oil before roast it.

good dinner recipes 300x300 Good Dinner Recipes

After applied powder seasoning mix, roasted meat over the fire is not too big. While roasting should be very careful, do not be too long in the roasting, because the texture of the meat will harden if too long. About 1-3 minutes is enough for roasting. Use potatoes and some vegetables for enhance the presentation. Then for complement the good dinner recipes, you can using trimmings to add a romantic impression of you with your partner.

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