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food recipes

Food Recipes

A steamed sponge food recipes that are easy to make and can be used as a gift to your family. Spices are used quite easily, 250 grams of wheat flour, sugar, milk white powder, egg, plain soda, vanilla extraction, baking powder, and brown pasta (can be replaced other food coloring as desired).

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Whisk sugar, eggs that a primary constituent of food recipes until fluffy. Gradually add flour, milk powder, vanilla extract, and soda. Shake until all the batter is thick, do not use the machine in this section, and just use a spatula so that the speed is not too high. Pour the batter into the cake pan. Mold castings until fully charged, then add food coloring as an ornamental.

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After all the cake mold is fully charged, the stacking distance is not too close to the boiler. The point is that the dough can expand and bloom well. Approximately 20 minutes long it took for steaming. Lift the dough into the cake, and then remove from the prints of. Leave on until cool, then these food recipes ready to eat. Tea and coffee can be a major beverage for accompany this cake. Enjoy this dish on the late afternoon moment, while relaxed and chatting with your family.

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