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easy pasta recipes

Easy Pasta Recipes

There are many types of easy pasta recipes that can be made, with made from ​​spaghetti, penne, or fettuccine you can make a very tasty meal. For a selection of pasta can be according to your wishes, other ingredients are finely chopped garlic, green peppers, bacon cut into small pieces, black pepper, bbq sauce, as well as provide sow cheese to complete this fettuccine Black Pepper.

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Process of making this easy pasta recipes is easy, you have to boil the pasta you use it first, then adjust the conditions so that not too mushy pasta. Sauté garlic and pepper, and pour over the meat until lightly browned slightly. Input bbq sauce and spices (black pepper, salt, pepper, etc.) and mix until blended. If you like spicy, you can add chili powder on stir fry these sauce. For options other than bacon, you can also use chicken meat, seafood of course according to your taste.

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After sauce is mixed with average, then pour over pasta that you have boiled. Stir until all the pasta mixed with sauce. Pour over your serving plate, and then input a sprinkling of cheese, black pepper, and bacon to beautify your dish. Easy pasta recipes that you have cooked are now ready to eat.

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