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easy lunch recipes for kids

easy lunch recipes

Sausage fried rice is easy lunch recipes is right for you, when you do not have that much time. With two plates of rice and 4 pieces of sausage that is cut thin you can process them into a delicious meal. Do not forget some seasonings such as soy sauce, chilies, onion, garlic, and margarine as the main seasonings. When you like it add a bit of shrimp paste can be used to enrich the flavor of your fried rice.

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There are other ingredients to make an easy lunch recipes like this, but in accordance with the wishes of that cooking. Before you start frying, first puree onion, garlic, and chilies. Heat the cooking oil and margarine, and sauté seasoning that has been smoothed.

Right after that you can put rice, sausage, soy sauce and all seasonings (salt, pepper, sauce, shrimp paste). Stir until all ingredients evenly in the rice and sausage. That must be considered is the sausage, should not be over-cooked. Because it was meat sausage are easily cooked. Upon completion, your sausage fried rice ready to eat. Easy lunch recipes can be served along with the egg.

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