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3 Things About Indian Cuisine

About Indian cuisine there is much to know. India is one country that has a lot of culture, including the food was delicious. Many chefs from various countries deliberately flew to India to learn to make good food. Of course this is proof that India has tremendous potential for culinary as many people who like Indian food. Do you also like Indian food?

about Indian cuisine 3 Things About Indian Cuisine

There are many people who love Indian cuisine, but few of them know about Indian cuisine. Now it will be discussed on Indian food.

about Indian cuisine food 300x207 3 Things About Indian Cuisine

  • There’s so much spices

India is a country that has the amazing natural potency. Lovely nature also provides a variety of natural herbs and spices provided by nature. This makes Indian food usually has a lot of spice mixture inside each cooking.

  • Curry

The most famous food in India is curry. Even the food is also preferred by many people who are not from India. If you go to India, you should try authentic Indian curry.

  • Unique taste

India is a paradise for foodies because there are so many types of food that can be tried. There are foods that are sweet, spicy foods, and foods that have a high taste you’ve never tried. That’s the thing about Indian cuisine.

about Indian food 300x137 3 Things About Indian Cuisine

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