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The Legian Bali maps

The Legian Bali as a Tourist Attraction

The Legian Bali has many tourist attractions that very interested both foreign and local tourists. It is caused by the location at the seaside of the island of Bali. Exactly adjacent to Kuta beach, but not as busy as in the Kuta beach, for that you may enjoy the views with a fairly low noise. The main purpose of tourists come here are usually to see the sunset, as if the sun dived in to the sea surface.

The Legian Bali 300x193 The Legian Bali as a Tourist Attraction

If you love surfing, you may try your skills on the beach Legian. If you want to just learn to surf you can ask the people of the Legian Bali to be taught, as well as lent the surfboard. Access to Legian is not difficult, because it will be a lot of means of transport (either rental or public transport) that headed here.

The Legian Bali maps 300x206 The Legian Bali as a Tourist Attraction

In Legian not only offers a beautiful view, there is also a shopping center, restaurants and cafes that are usually presenting live music to entertain their guests. In addition you may buy souvenirs at the Legian Bali, certainly with a relatively cheap price. That is because Legian that acts as a central gifts in Bali. Legian beach in terms of cleanliness is much maintained, many citizens who helped manage the cleanliness of the Legian Bali.

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