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Etiquette in Bali

Bali is known as the island that rich in tourist attractions and culture, and if you are in Bali you must know some etiquette in Bali, so you politely assessed by the surrounding public. The existence of an unwritten ethics into an agreement with the community to make citizens and tourists Bali became more organized and look tidier. If you are from outside who do not know, try not to come on the day of Nyepi, because there will be no place to eat or tourist spots will open, even the airport would stop the activity on these feast day.

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Use reasonable clothes, not too flashy and do not draw attention from the crowd. Moreover violate local norms. Etiquette in Bali is taking and follows the customs of the Hindu religious ordinances. Therefore the community in Bali, between tradition and religion are integral.

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Principle of law that includes customary law in Bali is the propriety and balance; hence etiquette, propriety, and existing norms should be run simultaneously. Indeed a glance looks a little conservative, but it is worth doing for maintain security and public order in the region of Bali. Especially for areas that have many places of worship of public (such as temples). Hence some etiquette in Bali is very useful for maintaining the balance that has been created from religious ordinances.

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