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south indian breakfast recipes list

South Indian Breakfast Recipes

Missi bread is one of various south Indian breakfast recipes that most desirable by many people. Ingredients that used to make this bread is very easy, wheat flour, gram flour, water, salt, oil, and some seasoning are mashed (red peppers, green peppers, onions, and garlic). Portions served usually for 3-4 people, but if you want to make more, the composition of flour should be increased a few grams.

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To make dough from south Indian breakfast recipes is very easy; first mix all the flour with the spices that have been mashed. Add a little water so that the dough is not too thick. Knead the dough until smooth, and then shape this dough into small balls. After that flatten then split into a number of small ready fried dough. Skillet heat the oil over with the fire in few, so that the oil is not too hot when frying.

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Last process is frying dough. Input mixture into skillet that has been heated, when frying note the color of the dough. If it is brown on both sides indicating that it is ready to be appointed, do not let overcook when frying. This south Indian breakfast recipes is perfect eaten with curry or milk, so the nutritional content of your meal to be complete.

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