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Easy recipe for dinner

Easy Recipe For Dinner Aloo Ghabi

Easy recipe for dinner Aloo Ghabi can be your choice if you get bored with Western food and want to try tasty food with spices that dominate, and then the Indian cuisine may be one that can be tried. Like Indonesia, India cuisine also uses ingredients and spices are quite a lot of food. One […]

bali chicken recipes satay

Bali Chicken Recipes with Spices

Bali Chicken Recipes usually made of chicken with spices inside. There are a lot of Balinese chicken recipes, one of them is Balinese grilled chicken or well known as ayam betutu. The spices consist of turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, onion, garlic, cassava or salam leaves and chillies. All these spices are mixed well and put inside […]

Recipes for dinner chicken curry

The Most Famous Recipes For Dinner

Recipes for dinner will make your dinner more exciting. When you already get bored because you always go out outside to have dinner, then this is the perfect time to make your own dinner. It will make your dinner more fun because you have to prepare all the foods that will be enjoy by the […]

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